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 Patenga & Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches

Patenga beach is about 22 km from Chittagong and is accessible by road. Here is the confluence of the river Karnaphuli and the Bay of Bengal. The beach is protected from erosion by placing boulders. Visitors can have a view of the bay sitting on the boulders. There is also a sandy beach. Besides the beach, you can enjoy boating and river cruise on the Karnaphuli River. Another ideal tourist spot is the Fauzdarhat Sea Beach, 16 km from Chittagong.

Parki Beach

Parki beach is situated in Anwara Thana under Southern Chittagong region. The beach is located about 17 Km from Chittagong city. As the beach is situated at the Karnafuli river channel, visitors can view both the Karnafuli River and the sea together. Tourists can see the big ships anchored at the outer dock, fishermen catching fish in sea, sunset, and various colored crabs at the beach and enjoy the quiet and peaceful environment.


Located 37 km from Chittagong city, Shitakundo is famous for the Chandranath Temple and the Buddhist Temple, which is said to have the footprint of Lord Buddha. Shitakundo attracts tourists for its scenic setting and particularly because these hilltops are regarded as very sacred both by the Buddhists and Hindus. Siva-chaturdashi festival is held every year in February when thousands of pilgrims assemble for the celebrations, which last about ten days. There is a salt-water spring 5 km. to the north of Shitakunda, known as Labanakhya.

For all activities we strongly recommend you to use the assistance of a local guide. This will enhance your experience and ensure your safety.
When visiting our Resort and its surroundings, we request you to follow these rules:

  • Respect the local traditions and social rules at all times.
  • Never photograph people without their permission.
  • Do not encourage the illegal wildlife trade by buying endangered animals or animal products.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not disturbing the wildlife and refrain from picking flowers, plants or fruits.

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