Lawachhera National Park:

Located about 8 km east of Srimongal, this 1250 hectare park is a beautiful, semi-evergreen tropical forest locally known as Shyamoli. It has the country’s largest population of critically endangered Hoolock gibbons – the subcontinents only ape species – as well as a large variety of mammals, birds and orchids. Lawachhera is home to 19 mammal species including the capped langur, the delightful slow loris, orange-bellied Himalayan squirrel and barking deer. Some 246 species of birds have been identified, which includes the blue-bearded bee-eater and the red-breasted trogon.

Satchhari National Park:

This 243-hectare park is situated in Hobiganj, 60 km southwest of Srimongol. Though less popular than Lawachhera, it has a higher diversity of plants and animals and far less human disturbance. It has seven streams – origin of the name “satchhari”, a population of hoolock gibbons, fishing cats, phayre’s langur, jungle fowl, pygmy woodpeckers and oriental pied hornbills.

Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located near Satchhari National Park, it is the country’s largest natural hill forest with a variety of plants, animals and birds and four different ethnic forest communities.

To cover all these places it will take 4-5 days time. We have different set itineraries covering these areas. Please ask for them. In case none of those covers your subject or fulfill your interest, we shall be very happy to customize one especially for you upon request.