In and Around Dhaka


Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, never rests. The sights and sounds of the chaotic city with over 14 millions inhabitants can be quite overwhelming.
But Dhaka has much to offer – Let us show you!

Old Dhaka – Half Day Sightseeing Tour

This tour takes you to the heart of Dhaka. Our guide will lead you to some of its treasures, including Shankharia Bazar (Hindu street), Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace), Sadarghat (River front), Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Dhakeswari Temple and Lalbagh Fort. On this 3-4 hour tour you will also get a glance of the Curzon Hall (Dhaka University campus) and the National Assembly Building.
For small groups we can arrange a short rickshaw or boat ride upon request.

Dhaka & Beyond – Full Day Sightseeing Tour

This will be an intensive tour of both old and new part of Dhaka – the Mega City . Lunch shall be arranged at a local restaurant for you. You might visit most of the following places like Shankharia Bazar ( Hindu Street ), Ahsan Manzil ( Pink Palace ), Sadarghat (River front), Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Hosaini Dalan, Dhakeswari Temple , Lalbagh Fort, Rickshaw Art, Curzon Hall ( Dhaka University campus), Kamlapur Buddhist Temple and the National Assembly Building

Dhaka Museum Tour(half Day)

 Dhaka Museum Tour(Full day)

Dhaka offers a great variety of museums and exhibitions. On full or half day museum tour we include the National Museum (Extensive collection of folk art and handicrafts, artwork, natural and cultural heritage), the Liberation War Museum, The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Museum, a visit to the Lalbagh Fort and many more.  Entry tickets are included in the tour price. In case of full day trip lunch is included in the package.

Would you like to indulge yourself in extravagant shopping? Are you searching for the perfect souvenir? Are you interested in antiques, jewelry, local designer clothes or shoes, handicrafts or fair trade products? Let our shopping experts assist you. According to your requirements and desires they will select the best shops, markets or boutiques, ensuring a memorable shopping experience.
For your full or half day shopping tour we will provide air-conditioned transport and an English speaking shopping expert. If you opt for a full day program, lunch at a local restaurant is included in the tour price.

National Assembly Building Trip

Designed by the world-renowned American architect Louis Kahn, the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban (National Assembly Building) is the most notable modern building in Bangladesh. It is regarded by many as the finest work of Kahn.
Although the typical bold geometrical patterns are distinctive from the outside, a visit to the interior, including the octagonal Assembly Hall, is a special treat.
Access to the National Assembly is restricted. We arrange exclusive tours to the inside of the famous Parliament building with a minimum of one week prior notice.

Full Day River Cruise

Our transport and guide will meet you at 8:00 am at Gulshan circle II and drive you to Demra. Here the leisurely river cruise on the Shitalakhya River commences. On board our traditional yacht you can relax, enjoy the morning tea.  If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Ganges River dolphin!  At Murapara the boat will halt for a visit of the old Zamindar’s palace. If you want you may also go for a refreshing swim in the river. Enjoy the freshly prepared lunch onboard and watch activities by the riverside.

On the way back we serve tea, coffee and snacks after stopping at Noapara, famous for the traditional Jamdanee weaving. You are invited to watch the weavers at work. After cruising back to Demra and disembarking, you will return to Dhaka, arriving in the late afternoon.

 Full Day SS & RC

This intensive tour program is ideal for guests with limited time.
In the morning your guide will show you as many sights in Old Dhaka as time permits (Half Day Sightseeing Tour). Around noon you will drive to Demra. Here the leisurely river cruise on the Shitalakhya River commences. On board our traditional yacht you can relax, enjoy the freshly prepared lunch and watch activities by the riverside. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Ganges River dolphin!  At Murapara the boat will halt for a visit of the old Zamindar’s palace. On the way back we serve tea, coffee and snacks before stopping at Noapara, famous for the traditional Jamdanee weaving. You are invited to watch the weavers at work. After cruising back to Demra and disembarking, you will return to Dhaka, arriving in the late afternoon.

Evening River Cruise

In the afternoon your guide will accompany you to Demra, about 15 km east of Dhaka. Here the cruise aboard our traditional yacht S. B. Ruposhi on the Shitalakhya River begins. At Noapara, famous for the traditional Jamdanee weaving, you are welcome to visit the skilled weavers producing the intricate textile. The cruise will continue, and tea, coffee and snacks will be served. The boat will anchor at a convenient place for you to enjoy the peaceful evening sunset mood or a refreshing swim. A delicious barbeque dinner will be prepared and served on board. The boat will start the return journey, reaching Demra around 9:30 pm. After disembarking we will drive you back to Dhaka.
For an exclusive booking a min. of 10 adults or the equivalent payment is required.

Full Day Moinamoti Trip

Mainamati is known for the greatest assemblage of ancient Buddhist remains in Bangladesh. Excavations have exposed a large Buddhist monastery together with its central shrine and a wealth of material objects datable from the 7th to 12th centuries AD. Archaeological finds also clearly indicate that this was the cultural and political centre of ancient Vanga-Samatata (southeast Bengal).

Starting in the morning from Dhaka, you will arrive in Comilla after a 2-3 hour scenic road journey. Upon arrival and refreshments, a guided tour of the archaeological sites (Salban Vihara, Rupban Mura, Itakhola Mura, Mainamati Mound), the Mainamati museum and the Mainamati War Cemetery will commence. After lunch at a local restaurant you will drive back towards Dhaka.

On the way the tour stops at Sonargaon, the old capital of Bengal. Your guide will show you Panam Nagar (remains of the ancient city), Shiv Mandir (Hindu temple) and the Folk Art Museum. You will arrive back in Dhaka by late afternoon.

Full Day Pottery Trip

Leaving Dhaka in the morning, this tour will start with a visit to the National Martyr’s Monument in Savar (35 km from Dhaka). In the nearby place Dhamrai, famous for its brass artisans, you can observe the making of various traditional utensils and religious objects. During the Bengali month of Ashar (June-July) the colorful Hindu festival ‘Ratha Jatra’ takes place here. The large ‘Rath’, similar to a Roman chariot, can be seen throughout the year.

The tour will continue to Nayarhat, where you will leave the vehicle and take a short boat journey to Kakran. Here most villagers are engaged in the pottery trade. The use of clay pots and utensils is slowly disappearing, posing a threat to the traditional livelihood of these skilled artisans.

After returning to the vehicle and a light lunch at a local restaurant you will head back towards Dhaka. On the way you will stop at the beautiful Jahangir Nagar University campus, famous for the flocks of migratory birds visiting the many lakes in winter. This tour returns to Dhaka in the early afternoon.

Pubail Retreat –  Rural Bangladesh up Close & Personal

The Pubail Retreat in Demorpara, a small fishermen village, symbolizes typical rural Bangladesh. It has representative jungles, wet land, rural pond and cultivatable land. During your visit here you have the opportunity to interact with the local community, learn about their culture as well as their day-to-day life. Fond memories of these authentic interactions will be yours to take home.

Full Day Pubali Retreat

Meet at Gulshan Circle II at 8 am and drive to Pubail retreat in Demorpara (approximately one hour drive). Upon arrival at the retreat you will be served freshly prepared traditional breakfast with tea.

After breakfast we invite you to watch the fishing, farming and craftsman activities with the assistance of a knowledgeable language guide. You are welcome to join their routine. Later the guide will join you for a walk into the nearby village for you to have a closer look at the rural village life in Bangladesh.

Return to the retreat for the freshly prepared traditional lunch. After lunch activities like cycling and boating will be offered or you may opt to visit some adjacent villages. After an afternoon tea and snacks you will start your return journey back, arriving Dhaka in the early evening.

Padma Resort – Louhajong Munshigonj

The Padma Resort in Louhojong Thana in Munshigonj is situated on the Bank of river Padma. If you want a short break from the bustling city of Dhaka, then this is the perfect get-away for you.

Full day Padma Resort Trip

Meet at Gulshan Circle II in the morning and drive to Padma resort in Munshigonj, approximately a 2 hour drive. You will board a local boat at the Padma River bank for the 5 minute crossing to the resort. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a light drink. Your guide will give you brief information about the locality. You will check into your rooms for some rest and freshen up. Later the guide will take you for a walk along the river. If you feel like it, take a dip in the water! You may also watch the fishing activities at the bank of the Padma River.

Enjoy the freshly prepared lunch at the restaurant of the resort. After lunch you will have options for activities like boating or visiting some adjacent villages if you want. After afternoon tea and snacks you will start your return journey back to Dhaka, arriving in the early evening.

Past Glory, Present Development – Full-Day guided Excursion to Manikgonj

Manikgonj, a district in central Bangladesh, is known for the three largest Zamindaries (Mansions of Landowners) based in the estates of Baliati, Teota and Dhankora.
Proshika HRDC Trust, one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh, is situated in the Saturia Upazilla of Manikgonj. Here Proshika has its own organic agricultural plan, the second largest tissue culture project in Asia, an apiculture project and honey processing plant, sericulture (silk) projects, a shrimp hatchery, handloom fabric production and processing projects, a bio gas plant, its own water treatment plant and a large nursery. Several of their products are for sale on site.

Full Day Manikganj Trip

After an early morning pick-up at 7.30 am drive to Savar, about 35 km northwest of Dhaka, where you will have breakfast at the Joy Restaurant.  After breakfast drive to the Baliati  Rajbari (King’s Palace)The first Baliati Palace, is one of the finest rajbaris in Bangladesh. It’s also the largest, with a frontage of approximately 125m, and occupies an area of about eight hectares, with over 200 rooms! Originally owned by descendants of Govinda Ram saha, the impressive Renaissance frontage, with attractive array of tall fluted Corithian columns lining a wide corridor, is reminiscent of a Georgian country house in England.  The Ram Krishna Mission and the Baliate Sri Gobinda temple* are at walking distance (15 minutes) from the Rajbari.

Continue drive to Pakutia Zamindar Palace. This zamindar palace is converted In college now. Nearby this zamindar palace you can visit another zamindar palace which was build two brothers in same design. Afterwards drive to the ‘Kamar Bari’ near the Proshika Project. In their dining hall, where all food served is grown and produced on the project premises, you will have lunch. After lunch you are invited to visit their projects and the various production sites.

Upon returning to Dhaka, you will have time to stop at Savar for a visit to the National Martyr’s Monument, an impressive 50m high structure, built to commemorate the millions killed in the struggle for the countries independence in 1971. Return to Dhaka by late afternoon.

*entrance only possible if permission granted

Half Day Photography at Shadarghat

SadarGhat is located in the southern part of Dhaka on the river Buriganga. It is the old river-port full with different kinds of activities like goods coming from different parts of Bangladesh by river here. Their loading and unloading creates real hustle and bustle. Especially if you’re from the west and you’re a photographer you should definitely spend some hours here. This is a must going place for a photographer. Here, the Sadarghat Launch Terminal is one of the largest river ports in the world. About 200 large and small passenger launches (motorized boats) depart and arrive at the terminal every day. According to the officials at the terminal, 30,000 people, in average, use the terminal for departure and arrival every day. At this place the scene of hundreds of country boats laden with passengers and merchandise crossing the river is fascinating.

Half Day Photography at Dhaka

Karwan Bazar, a centrally located wholesale market in Dhaka. It is a very colorful, vibrant and happening place. Especially if you’re a photographer you’d love to spend hours here. Early morning and evening is perfect time to be there as far as the photography is concerned. This will be an intensive tour of Kawran Bazar the biggest and vibrant market of daily commodities. It is also one of the largest marketplaces in South Asia. Markets have existed in Karwan Bazar area since the 17th century. At present the market has more than 1500 stores. This is a marketplace where you can see the colors of typical market of Dhaka as well as activities and business of life in the market where man and women are busy with selling, buying and bargaining! Products are brought from every corner of the country at night and they are sold out to retail buyer of small bazaar in Dhaka before noon. This is a unique selection for photographing moments.

Half Day Trip to Savar 

National Martyrs’ Memorial – .This tour shall take you outside the city to Savar about 35 km away, where we have our National Mausoleum built in the memory of all the 3 million martyrs who sacrificed their lives in 1971 for the liberation of Bangladesh.A national competition was held for the design of the project in June 1978. Among the fiftyseven competitors Architect Syed Moinul Hossain’s design proposal was selected. The main monument is composed of seven isosceles triangular planes each varying in size in its height and base. The highest one has the smallest base while the broadest base has the lowest height. The planes are folded at the middle and placed one after another. The highest point of the structure reaches 150 feet. This unique arrangement of the planes has created a structure that seems to change its configuration when viewed from different angles. The architect has used concrete for the monument while all the other structures and pavements of the complex are made of red bricks. Use of different materials has added to the gravity of the monument.