Image 04 Trekking to the Sangu River
To reach the Sangu River you venture on a short downhill hike.

Image 05 Chimbuk & Murong Village
Chimbuk, one of the highest points in Bangladesh accessible by road


Image 06

Overnight Trip Bogalake
Boga Lake is a wonderful natural lake known for its scenic beauty, 65km from Bandarban and 20 km from Ruma Thana.

Image 07

Waterfall & Bawm Village
Scenic walk to the Shailapropat waterfall (4 km from Hillside Resort) along the local road takes one hour.

Image 09

Milonchori Hillside resort
The Milonchori Hillside resort is conveniently located only 4 kilometers from Bandarban town on Chimbuk road.



Since 1989 our company has been providing tourism related services in Bangladesh and the South-East Asia region to individuals and corporate clients.


Image 10

Honey hunting
We follow a group of Honey collectors to the western part of the forest and join their search.

Image 11

Dubla Island Fullmoon fare
Dubla Island, is inhabited by fishermen during the winter months.

Image 12

Fishing with trained otters
Fishermen from the Narail / Gopalganj area breed and train their otters to increase the catch.

Image 13

Birds watching
Coastal areas are important breeding, resting and feeding places for a resident and migratory birds.

Image 14

TV & Filming trip
Worldwide reputed TV teams, like BBC, ABC, NHK, DW, Discovery Channel (India), Cicada Films availed our services.