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Trekking to the Sangu River
To reach the Sangu River you venture on a short downhill hike.

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Chimbuk & Murong VillageChimbuk, one of the highest points in Bangladesh accessible by road,

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Overnight Trip Bogalake
Boga Lake is a wonderful natural lake known for its scenic beauty

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Waterfall & Bawm Village
The scenic walk to the Shailapropat waterfall (4 km from Hillside Resort) along the local road takes one hour.



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Bangladesh offers an incredible diversity of attractions for travelers. We provide detailed and up to date travel information,   tailor-made itineraries for a wide range of destinations in and around Bangladesh, and reliable logistical services including knowledgeable multi-lingual guides, transport & accommodation facilities. Our services and facilities are developed in collaboration with local communities and in harmony with the environment.

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